About Us

A concept that combines creativity with technicality. Functional objects, art, fashion accessories and more. Made with attention to detail and handmade by a passionate couple.

In the age of digitization and automation, Own boasts manual production techniques in small quantities to guarantee the exclusivity of their products. The coherence of the whole is stitched together by a common thread: a current interpretation of the objects that surround us every day.

A Venezuelan and an Englishman combine their respective cultures to inspire creations that they realize themselves in their studio 100% Made in Épinay-sur Seine. Mariana, a visual artist, is bubbling with ideas and expresses it by an intense productivity of accessories, lamps, decorative objects ... defining the évolution of contemporary design. Tom, a professional technician in the field of entertainment, uses his experience in construction to produce functional 3 dimensional volumes that are destined to furnish and embellish.  

The production workshops are on site, allowing the duo to construct the objects themselves paying great attention to détail, through all phases of the procès from design manufacture.